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Updated: Oct 20

It is with mixed emotions that I close the doors at MJ EVANS BEAUTY

and retire from Hairstyling. The beauty industry was an exciting ride!

Doing everything from Hair & Makeup for Film, Teaching at The U of M

Hospitals Bariatric Department, Praying with clients going through tough times,

and helping women reach their hair goals through my special strategies.

There's never been a DULL day!

For me, this career has always been about the relationship and the heart-connection

I made with each and every one of my clients. EVERY appointment or project

was a DIVINE appointment! It was a perfect fit for my energetic,

life-giving service driven personality. And I sure will MISS !!

Tears come to my eyes thinking of all the VERY SPECIAL people I was blessed

to serve all these years. Wow. Just wow. Such amazing people!! There was always a

sweet exchange and everyone left smiling and feeling better about life.

Now it's time to take my zest for life and business skills into the next chapter.

Please feel free to reach out to me to keep in touch or for my list of recommended stylists that

will take good care of you.

Love, Life, Beauty, Spirit- MJ EVANS

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